=Author Dr. Arun Kumar Shastri – ek abodh balak – arun atript 

 Being an associate, being a member of Parikalpna is my most cherished desire come true. It is a privilege, it is a dream, it is a goal to explore the world beside honor and work for Hindi, our mother tongue. Anyone who may be from any nation can’t survive without his mother tongue. 

It is his very first introduction to his nationalism. His beloved soul and patriotism. So is to me. The name *Parikalpna* is not a name at first it is a whole universe. It is made up of by the union of two Hindi words – pari and kalpna which means fulfilling desires, accomplishing goals, generate new ideas, friends, exploring the globe, learning history, livelihood, geography, meeting lives and above all enhancing knowledge, vision and reaching unknown destinations. Since joining I learned and gained a lot. 

I feel lucky though sometimes it is hard to make such expansive travel as we are not so rich. Whatever is our savings in a year we spent on these foreign trips. But the experience we gain equalizes all and again starts saving for another foreign trip rather than waiting when it is announced. The country I explored with *Parikalpna* were amazing. The real adventure, the real happiness and sheer luck and everybody is not that lucky to have that expensive travel tours in this life. 

For that I feel I am blessed among many. I would like to share my experience about these countries/cities in a few words. Mauritius- it is a Hindi speaking country. We did not face any difficulty in conversing and dealing business. People here are simple, cooperative, and friendly. The currency here is two and a half times as compared to India. 

Means Mauritius 1 rupee is equal to 2.5 Indian rupees. It is a small but rich cultured state. People do not work all the time in a day of 24 hours. They work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours and enjoy life 8 hours. I love its coastline, sea, culture, and simplicity. I would love to share a few pics I took during my stay in Mauritius. 

I am very grateful to the organizers of these tours, who really did hard work to make our trip comfortable and safe.


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