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Hindi is getting established as a reputed language not only in India but across the world. Apart from movies and literature, blogging which has established itself as a form of new media is also helping in the spread of Hindi. As such, to provide a common stage for bloggers, 'Parikalpana Samay', Hindi monthly magazine published from Lucknow and ‘Parikalpana’ literary organization have been organizing International Hindi Utsav and International Blogger’s Conference for the last Thirteen years. 

The main objective of the conference is to create ground for development of Hindi literature and blogging in the World, promote Hindi literature and Indian culture, and provide opportunities for language harmony and cultural study and tourism. Chief Editor of Parikalpana Samay and Organizer of ‘International Hindi Conference’ Dr. Ravindra Prabhat said that after having successfully organized the conference in Delhi (India), Lucknow (India), Kathmandu (Nepal), Thimpu (Bhutan), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Bangkok (Thailand),   Auckland, Hamilton & Rotorua (Newzeeland), Singapore, johor bahru ( Malaysia), Mauritius, Jakarta (Indonesia), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Sim rip ( Cambodia), Sharjah and Male (Maldives) etc.   

This time the Thirteenth International Hindi Festival Conference will be organized from 14 May. 2023 to 23 May, 2023 in Zurich (Switzerland), Black Firest (Jarmany), Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium) & Rome (Italy). The Chief Guest of this conference Hindi Gazalkar Mr. Kapil Kumar Said that the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has emphasized on historical and cultural relation between India and the out side of world and sought to promote co-operation and harmony between the all countries. 

This Conference being organized in Europian Country's is an effort in the same direction. Dr. Ravindra Prabhat said that on this occasion celebrities from the field of blogging, literature, social and cultural world will be felicitated. 

During the conference more than Intellectuals will be awarded out of which some important ones are Dr. Champa Srivastava, Dr. Subhashini Sharma, Dr. Kshama Sisodia, Mr. Sachindra nath Mishra, Mr. Bimal Bahuguna, Mrs. Kusum Verma, Dr. Anita Srivastava, Dr. Poonam Singh, Dr. Sukesh Sharma, Mrs. Kalpna Agarwal, Mrs. Mala chaubey, Mrs. Kavita Saxena, Mr. Brij Kishore Agarwal, Mr. Anil Saxena, Mr. Shubh Chaturvedy etc. 

Mr. Prabhat said that during the conference, study of Hindi in global perspective especially in European Countries, promotion of Hindi literature, various dimensions of blogging as new media and role of Social Media in changing times etc. will be discussed. Kusum Verma Night in Brussels After the conference in night of 20th May. 2023, Indian folk singer & dancer Kusum Verma will be performed on the stage. Kusum Verma is a folk-singer, Poet, performer and dancer from Uttar Pradesh, India. She sings Bhojpuri and Awadhi folk songs, and has received the Parikalpna Hindi Utsav Award for her contribution to music. Kusum did not get any sort of formal training of classical music neither before nor after becoming a successful folk singer but She had an effective command over high and low notes. She is best known for her distinctive, melodious, powerful voice, complex and dark emotional expressions which led many critics to state her voice as the greatest and most distinctive they had ever heard. 

She is acclaimed as one of the greatest singers ever lived in central Uttar Pradesh and could sing high tenor notes with ease. She has performed national and international stages, like Kolkata, Delhi, Allahabad, lucknow, Mahoba, Gonda, Lakhimpur Kheeri and Kathmandu in Nepal, Thimpu & Paro in Bhutan, Kaindi & Colombo in Sri Lanka, Pataya & Bangkok in Thaighland etc. 

Along with folk song she will be presented a Nritya Natika of 1 hr 10 minutes. Which is based on a Mahakavya PADMAVAT written by very famous writer MALIK MOHAMMED JAYASI . The title of the NrityaNatika is BARAHMASA. 

The theme is the queen Nagmati of the king RatnaSen of chittod is so beautiful and always want approval & praise of her beauty from friends. 

But one day she heard the beauty of the queen Paďmawati of Singhaldweep by her parrot Heeramann . She told it to the Heeramann not to tell it to the king but one day Heeramann explained about the beauty of Padmini to the king, King immediately depart to Singhaldweep . Naagmati cursed Heeramann for that and start waiting for the arraival of her king back to home . Means all the twelve months. It is a recorded programme . 

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