Baku (Azerbaijan) . 18 March 24.
A special event was organized in Baku (Azerbaijan) in honor of the silver jubilee journey of Parikalpna (NGO) in which special honors were given to the respected members associated with Parikalpana.

On this occasion, 17 members of the Paripasha family were awarded silver medals.

Eight members of the family, Mr. Nirbhay Narayan Gupta, Dr. Satya Singh, Mrs. Nisha Mishra, Dr. Pratima Verma, Dr. Balkrishna Pandey, Mrs. Namrata Mishra, Dr. Pramila Upadhyay and Mrs. Saroj Singh were given Angvastram, silver medal, memento and certificate. Was awarded the "Parikalpna Silver Jubilee Award" along with.

On this occasion, a cash award of Rs. 25,000 along with Angvastram, silver medal, memento and certificate was given for remarkable contribution in the field of journalism.

Also, the Parikalpana family was specially praised for this achievement by the Hindi magazine Revant.

Well-known litterateur Dr. Ravindra Prabhat expressed gratitude.

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