By Shivam Malhotra
“Ever wondered what it would be like to lose all the worldly worries and let your soul immerse in pure ecstasy? Ever thought how it would feel if all notions of time and being just vanished and all you could feelis your body swaying to the melodies of life and your mind exploring new levels of euphoria? Come, join us as we embark on a quest to leave everything behind and explore our true selves. Jump in this wagon of celebration and let yourself be led by the very craving of freedom and tranquillity. Sit back, close your eyes and follow the Phoenix, for now, you are En Route Nirvana.”
Antaragni, a place to let your creative horses run free, the cultural fest of IIT Kanpur is back with its 53rd edition. Transcending all barriers of enthusiasm, it gets bigger and bigger every year and this year is no exception! From 25th October to 28th October, Antaragni will host a plethora of events-blending a series of fine-arts, socio-cultural and literary events, along with a variety of workshops, exhibitions and informal events.
Taking a deeper look into Antaragni reveals its magnificence moreso. The International Carnival at Antaragni has been a host to internationally acclaimed talent like Cleva girls, The Flying Eyes, The Bonny Men etc.. The major highlights of the festival are the four Professional Nights (aka Pro-Nites) – Fusion, Electronic Dance Music, Rock and Bollywood– making each night a unique and memorable one. These concerts have witnessed globally popular and eminent personalities including KSHMR, Mike Candys,Madboy Mink,Sonu Nigam, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal-Shekhar and bands like The Indian Ocean.

IIT Kanpur gets completely transformed during the four days of Antaragni. A few truly entertaining events that come to mind are- Mr and Miss Antaragni (Personality Pageant), India haat, Director’s Cut, Kavi Sammelan, Calypso etc. Students from various colleges also compete against each other in the fields of Dance, Dramatics, Musicals, Fine Arts, Films and photography as well as English and Hindi literary events. Hindi literary events will be judged by established Hindi Writer Nasera Sharma, Leeladhar Jagoodi, Ravindra Prabhat, Pankaj Chaturvedi & Abhishek Shukla. This is also the time when glamour is at its peak on campus with a large number of Bollywood celebrities making their presence felt at India’s biggest inter-college fashion show- Ritambhara! The biggest, meanest and coolest rock fiesta in the country, Synchronicity! Informal events like blind dates, ballroom dance etc are also organised to keep the atmosphere interesting.

A huge shout out to our Delhi crowd for we have something really interesting coming up for you guys. Antaragni announces it DJ War preliminaries and the national preliminaries in the form of Roadtrip. Let’sexplore the uncapped talent as the DJ War (Delhi edition) prelims of Antaragni will take place at Et Al : The Lounge Bar on 29th September from 8pm to 11pm. Come and be a part of this enchanting musical gala featuring one of the most talented DJs in Delhi. Also do not make the mistake of missing out on the National Prelims for various events ranging from dance to literary events in Hindu College,Delhi on the 30th of September!

For more information about the preliminaries and the main festival please visit the facebook page or website of Antaragni, IIT Kanpur.

So here’s to all the experiences, we haven’t bourne yet. To the people, we have not met yet. To all the feelings, we have not felt yet and to the Nirvana, we have not experienced yet. Antaragni. Is. Coming. Are you?