Colombo (Sri Lanka, 25th May 2015): Preview of Hindi blogging is not limited to India only, but is spreading fast in other countries also. Mrs. Akanksha Yadav, well known blogger from Rajasthan and wife of  Director Postal Service, Rajasthan west Region, Jodhpur and Mrs. Sunita Prem Yadav from Aurangabad, Maharashtra have been awarded with apex ‘Parikalpana SAARC Summit Awards’ during the four days long ‘International Bloggers Confrence’ held at Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo and cultural capital Kandy from 23 May to 27 May, 2015. Under this award all awardees were felicitated with rupees 21000/- cash prize, Commendation certificate, memento, and Aṅgavastra. Similarily, Hindi Blogger Dr.Prakash Hindustani from Indore, Dr. Alpana Deshpande from Raipur, Dr. Urmila Shukla from Raipur, Dr. Shubhadfa Pandey from Silcher and Dr. Sarjana Sharma from Delhi, India was felicitated with Parikalpana SAARC Award. Under this award she was awarded with rupees Eleven thousand cash prize, Commendation certificate, memento, and Aṅgavastra.
Writers from various Districts of Uttar Pradesh were awarded with various awards, such as Dr. Ram Bahadur Mishra, from Sultanpur with Parikalpana Lokabhivyakti Award; Dr. Archana Srivastava and Mr. Om Prakash Jayant from Barabanki were respectively awarded with Parikalpana Katha Samman and Parikalpana Loksahitya Samman; Mrs. Kusum Verma from Lucknow with Parikalpana Sur-Saraswati Award, Dr. Anita Srivastava from Lucknow with Parikalpana Sahitya Award and Mrs. Mala Chaubey from Lucknow with Parikalpana Social Media Award  and Vishambharnath Awasthi from Unnao with Parikalpana Kavya Award. Other than these about 30 bloggers from across the world including Jitendra Dixit from Mumbai, Aditi Deshpande from Raipur, Antar Sohil from Delhi, were awarded with Parikalpana Awards for their contribution in various fields.
These awards were conferred by Mr. Somrathne Withana, Senior Dramatist in Sri Lanka and Ex Cabinet Minister of Uttar Pradesh Govt. Mr. Nakul Dubey. On this occasion Director Postal Service, Rajasthan west Region, Jodhpur, Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Head of  Deptt. Hindi Department  and  Uttar Maharashtra University Jalgaon, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni were present as special guests. This information was provided by Chief Editor of Parikalpana Samay and organizer of ‘International Bloggers Conference’Senior Hindi satirist Mr. Ravindra Prabhat.
During the conference study of Hindi in global perspective specially in SAARC countries, its propagation, various dimensions of blogging and role of social media in changing times were discussed. Chief Guest of the programme Mr. Nakul Dubey said that in this era of globalization, the literature, culture and environment of other countries can be spread through social media and blogging.  Senior Dramatist of Sri Lanka Mr. Som Rathne Withana said that Bloggers empowerment is being discussed all over the world today, but watching the presence of  bloggers from across the SAARC countries is a pleasant feeling.
Mr. Krishna Kumar Yadav, Director Postal Services, Rajasthan West Region said that blogging not only diminishes the distance between countries and languages but it also facilitates viewing of ideas of different people working in various fields in an integrated form. Discussing the social interests of blogging and social media, he said they have the potential to connect remote areas. Dr. Sunil Kulkarni from Uttar Maharashtra  University, Jalgaon said that blogging has a very important role in enrichment of Hindi, and people across the world are connecting to Hindi through blogging. In his address. 
Organizer of the conference, Mr. Ravindra Prabhat said that the aim of organizing International Bloggers Conference in Bhutan is to bring Indian culture closer to Bhutanese culture and establish Hindi in Bhutanese global environment. He said that the main object of the conference is to promote blogging in South Asia, propagation of Hindi, promote language harmony and provide chance for cultural study and tourism.
On this occasion Exhibition of artworks of Alpana Deshpande and Aditi Deshpande of Raipur, Chattisgarh were also on display. Awadhi folklore by Kusum Verma of Lucknow was another attraction of the conference. Kavya Sandhya conducted by Dr. Ram Bahadur Mishra and open discussion were also organized, which was attended by more than a dozen bloggers from India and Sri Lanka. The programme were conducted by Smt. Sunita Prem Yadav of Aurangabad, Maharastra.
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