Tale of elopement of a Kashmiri pundit family from Kashmir and with this entwined the sub plots of deterioration and disintegration of social fabric of Kashmiri society with time, insights of golden and dark chapters of ancient and contemporary political, social and cultural history of the valley, terrorism, conspiracies and evil designs of a foreign state to destabilize the whole region, sufferings of the common citizens and greed for power and money of the unscrupulous, corrupt leaders combinedly form a powerful narrative of the novel titled “Echoes of the Getaway” written by wellknown Hindi novelist Dr. Ravindra Prabhat.  Among all complex situations this novel focus on Sufism also, the oldest rawayat of the vale, as a ray of hope for re-establishment of old glory and pride of Kashmir.

Written in an anecdote style this novel will definitely prove very intresting and informative for the readers. Without any prejudice and biased approach the writer has written on a vivid and controversial subject like Kashmir very boldly and has provided details and vital informations regarding Kashmir and Kashmiriyat in a very simple, interesting and candid manner.

Though the characters and incidents of the main plot are fictitious but the narrative is based on the real facts of Kashmir. This is the very reason why this novel presents a human story of struggle for existence in any adverse situation. It is the story of common Indians, inspite of complains and torments in daily lives, still have strong belief in justice and hope for a better future existence. The writer has handled the sensitive and powerful subject in a balanced and emotional way for which the narrative touches the inner chord and sensibilities of the readers.

This novel describes the plights of the Pandits living in the paradise of the earth and how they were forced for getaway from Kashmir. The writer has boldly written on communal fanaticism and it’s evil effects on the lives of the common-men Giving reference of history the writer has tried to prove his point of view and how communal discrimination and hatred developed in the society of the valley. On one hand this novel describes the pains of the common public during partition and on the other hand it focus on the agonies of the Kashmiri Pandits of the vale for their exodus from their land of ancestors forever.

Instead of focusing on the political aspects of the crisis this novel tell the story of the common men who had gone through inhuman sufferings, sometimes due to partition and sometimes due to communal and jihadi fanaticism. This novel on one hand reveal the secrets of state sponsored terrorism and on the other hand present the broad picture of sufferings of Kashmiri Pandits in context to political and social intricacies of Kashmir. This novel saw the day of light at a crucial juncture of India history when the government of India by taking a bold and strong decision abolished article 370 and divided the whole state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories. This benchmark decision can by termed as a great turn for contemporary Indian history. Due to this decisive decision there is still a state of non communication between India and Pakistan.

A whole generation which witnessed the Kashmir problem From the beginning has almost vanished or on the way for it’s final end but for the present generation this novel will give them an opportunity to get acquainted with the insights and problems of Kashmir and Kashmiriyat.

  • Book Name: Echoes of the Getaway (Behind the dark shadows of the Valley)
  • ISBN : 9781636065694
  • Published by: Notion Press, Old no. 38, New no. 6, McNichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai-600031, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Pages %  210 (Paperback)
  • Price  470/- (For Only India)

                                                                                     -Gautam Roy


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