NEW DELHI: U.S. taxi-hailing app maker Uber Technologies Inc has restarted services in India's capital, after its three apps were banned following allegations of rape by one of its drivers.
Uber's apps were working in New Delhi on Friday after the company agreed to apply for a radio taxi licence, a spokesman said. The company previously said the licence did not apply to a technology company that connects passengers with drivers.
Uber also said it would introduce additional safety measures including more stringent driver checks, an in-app emergency button and a dedicated incident response team.
"We are setting an even higher standard than current industry requirements," Uber said in a statement. "Our commitment to make transportation safe in Indian cities has never been more absolute."
Delhi's government banned Uber from operating in the city last month after the alleged attack.
The case triggered protests and reignited debate about the safety of women in Asia's third-largest economy, especially in New Delhi, which has been widely dubbed India's rape capital.
Public outrage was further fuelled when authorities revealed the suspect was on bail for sexual assault, and after Uber acknowledged that it did not carry out background checks on drivers in India.
The U.S. company, which was valued at $40 billion last month, has been dogged by clashes with local governments and concerns about safety.


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