One of the reasons that lord Ganesha is revered and worshiped everywhere in India and abroad is that the God is associated with the removal of all obstacles in life as well as giving success and prosperity. This belief and reverence is not something which can be seen in India only but also in many other parts of the world where Lord Ganesha is worshiped in various forms. 

Here are many parts of India in which there is a very strong belief that lord Ganesha is not a bramhachari but a married man. His wives are supposed Siddhi (success or spiritual power), Buddhi (intellect) and Riddhi (prosperity). Hence, it is believed that if people worship lord Ganesha, these three qualities of spiritual power, intellect and prosperity automatically follows you and become a part of your life since being wives, they cannot stay separated from the Lord. There are many parts of India wherein the belief of the lord marrying Riddhi and Siddhi is very strong and in someway, they too areworshiped. 

According to another set of beliefs, lord Ganesha is also associated with the goddess of culture and arts called ShardaMata or Saraswati Mata. This is a belief particularly in Maharashtra. He is also believed to have a consort in Lakshmi. Goddess Saraswati gives intelligence and Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Combining these two, there is always success and prosperity in whatever people do as long as they are worshiping the lord in the correct form and with complete devotion. 

It is fervently believed that before every work no matter how small it is or how inconsequential the results may be, it is imperative to worship lord Ganesha in order to bestow upon us good luck, intelligence to deal with the situations and a spiritual bent of mind.
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