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What is Mapilapattu?
  • Mapilapattu or Mappila songs are Muslims folk songs popular in Kerala’s Mallapuram. While the lyrics are in Mappila dialect of Malayalam the songs generously use Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Tamil words.
  • These songs possess a unique literary format as well as original modes of singing. Love and tenderness were the hallmarks of Mappila songs.
  • The Mappila songs are integral part of the Malabar. There is a song for every occasion from marriage to separation, faith to rebellion.
  • The earliest known Mapilapattu dates back to 17th Century.
The controversy over picturisation of a song sequence in the upcoming Malayalam movie Oru Adaar Love has taken the Mapilapattu lovers across the State by surprise. The controversy over the song Manikya Malaraaya Poovi, a Mapilapattu originally penned by P.M.A. Jabbar in 1978, could have been avoided, they said. “Those who worked behind this song in the film could have used any other Mapilapattu. They should have been vigilant against playing into the hands of fundamentalists,” said Moosa Eranholi, veteran Mapilapattu singer whose rendition of Manikya Malaraaya had the widest appeal so far. finds nothing objectionable either in the song or in the picturisation. “In fact, that winking scene has captured the adolescent romance on a campus in its sublime beauty.
But the movie makers should have cared for the sentiments of the people at large. There are all sorts of people waiting for an issue,” he said.
Veteran Mapilapattu lyricist O.M. Karuvarakundu said that there was nothing much about the song to be made an issue. “We have been listening to this song for the past four decades. Although there have been some minor issues in both the lyrics and its tune, the song courted no controversy so far largely because of its popularity,” said Mr. Karuvarakundu.


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