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Lucknow (Staff Reporter): "Hindi is getting established as a reputed language not only in India but across the world. Apart from movies and literature, blogging which has established itself as a form of new media is also helping in the spread of Hindi. So main objective of the Parikalpana's  International Hindi Utsav is to create ground for development of Hindi blogging in the World, promote Hindi literature and Indian culture, and provide opportunities for language harmony and cultural study and tourism in the world." Said Ravindra Prabhat  yesterday in Lucknow. 

Chief Editor of Parikalpana Samay and Organizer of ‘International Hindi Utsav’ Mr. Ravindra Prabhat said that after having successfully organized the conference in Delhi (India), Lucknow (India), Kathmandu (Nepal), Thimphu & Paro (Bhutan), Colombo & Kandy (Sri Lanka), Bangkok  & Pataya (Thailand), Auckland, Hamilton & Rotorua (New Zealand), Singapore,  Kualalumpur & Johor Bahru (Malaysia) and Bali & Jakarta in Indonesia. This time next International Hindi Utsav will be organized from 2nd Sept. 2018 to 8th Sept. 2018 in Mauritius. 

The host of this International Hindi Utsav Mr. Ravindra Prabhat Said that the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has emphasized on historical and cultural relation between India and the out side of world and sought to promote co-operation and harmony between the all countries. This Hindi Utsav being organized in Mauritius is an effort in the same direction.

Mr. Ravindra Prabhat said that on this occasion celebrities from the field of blogging, literature, social and cultural world will be felicitated.

Mr. Prabhat said that during the Hindi Utsav, study of Hindi in global perspective especially in Mauritius, promotion of Hindi literature, various dimensions of blogging as new media and role of Social Media in changing times etc. will be discussed. Indian folk singers & dancers will be performed on the stage. Exhibited Indian folk art and culture. These are traditional painting & Kavi Sammelan also performed. 


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