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Maruti Suzuki has teamed with Google for the much anticipated Auto Expo 2018. 

The Google Assistant LogoThe Google Assistant Logo As part of the team-up, Google Assistant will be able to tie in with Maruti Suzuki to serve important information about the company. 

The ‘Maruti Suzuki Assistant’ will help the people attending the Expo with information about the different products that the company is planning to launch at the event. This is not the only type of information that Maruti Suzuki Assistant will help attendees with. 

It will take care of the entire experience right from booking passes to informing users about the location of the different Maruti Suzuki launches. Users can also ask it about the philosophy that the company follows and all its models. It also offers to set a reminder about the launch events for users. 

According to a report by News18, Maruti Suzuki Assistant can also book a test drive for the upcoming Maruti Suzuki Swift or the car itself in the first place without visiting any website or app. Google Assistant-powered Maruti Suzuki Assistant The range of questions and the comprehensive answers to those questions confirm that it is not a mere experiment and Maruti Suzuki invested a good amount of work at creating this Google Assistant-powered support experience.


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